Vigilia, the creation of La Verità

A Mueca Films and Company Finzi Pasca production.

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A film about a show. Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca and produced by Company Finzi Pasca. La Verità was premiered on January 17, 2013 in Montreal. In the play, there is an original 15 x 9 meter backdrop by Salvador Dalí. We attended all the rehearsals, we spoke with the artists, the technicians and the complete creative team. We saw the backdrop being displayed for the first time. The fusion between the theatre and the circus, between acrobatics and clowning. We asked ourselves about the world of dreams. We got to a documentary about the different ways of being awake.


Direction: Juan and Facundo Ponce de León

Script: Facundo Ponce de León

Cinematography and camera: Juan Ponce de León, Nacho Echeberría.

Montage: Juan and Facundo Ponce de León

Color correction: Germán Nocella

Audio post-production: Hernán Gonzalez

Title design: Pablo Galisteo

Subtitles: subtí